‘Growing Followers of Jesus’ is a nice tag line, but what does that actually mean?

We find the following a helpful way of summarizing what we are seeking to be doing at Crossroads.


Our desire is to see people genuinely connected with Jesus Christ. For this to happen people must hear the wonderful news of the saving Gospel. So making Jesus known is central to God’s plans for us and for others. But more than that, God wants people connected genuinely into the life of his church. So we seek to ensure people are welcomed, encouraged and valued in our church family.


Our desire is to see individuals and the church as a whole, growing. God desires his people to be maturing as believers, ever applying the truths of the gospel into their lives and enjoying the comfort, riches and transformation this will bring. The teaching and applying of God’s Word through public preaching, Growth Groups, and personal discipleship is where are love for God and his people must be shaped. Our commitment is to build among the youngest to the oldest, so that we grow more and more like Jesus. 


Our desire is to see everyone at our church joyfully using their gifts, time and resources to serve the mission of Jesus and to love one another. So we not only provide many opportunities to serve, but wish to see everyone actively encouraging others in their love and trust of Jesus.


Our desire is to see everyone at our church gathering together on Sundays and at other times during the week, where they come together in the name of Jesus to glorify God and sit under his word.

In view then of the Gospel of Jesus, our aim is to urge each individual in the Crossroads family to be connecting, growing, serving and gathering. When we do this together in Jesus name, we are a healthy, hope-filled and loving church family where together we enjoy the Christian life having great effect.