It is possible to be part of our church family without being a ‘formal’ partner. But there are very good reasons to be one. We want our church to be organised and run in a godly and honourable way. We want our church to continue to have recognised leaders who are set aside to lead, teach, train and shepherd God’s people. We want our church to be a family where we are godly stewards of the precious and saving Gospel message. Partners play a key role in all these areas.

Formally committing to the goals of our church family is a healthy move for those who wish to see our church go forward. In particular:

  • It signals to others that you are on board with what the church is seeking to do.

  • It strengthens our ability to get behind our mission and plan for the future as a church.

  • It allows you to have formal involvement at Partners Meetings where key decisions for our church are made.

Becoming a partner is also an expression of your personal accountability to our church family. We expect partners to take seriously the mission of God amongst us. So those who partner with us are to be encouraged, but also challenged if their lives are not promoting the mission of Crossroads.

Further, in order for our church to function in our world we exist as a legally incorporated association. There are various standards we must comply with and being an association with a recognised constitution means we can pay staff and be covered by insurance. It also means we are held accountable for our actions, seeking to conduct our affairs in a way that is honourable before God and the world. Again, we can’t do this without partners. 

If you would like to find out more about partnership, please talk with one of our pastoral staff or click here to read our 'Partnership' booklet.